SHEELD Media release 19th of December 2013

SHEELD is a dynamic, Austrian company which has been founded in early 2013. The main reason to start a new sportswear brand was bringing more fairness and Nationality in sports and to provide the associated clothing with extremely attractive, precise and intelligent designs.

Due to these reasons, Stefan Krajczar, a passionate athlete with years of sportive experience, decided to establish this new brand and started producing sustainable functional clothing. The design and development of SHEELD sportswear is done exclusively in Austria. For the manufacturing of our materials, as well as the production of the final product, the brand trusts in reliable partner within the European Union. That allows them to guarantee top quality and fair working conditions for all.

The result of this efforts: high quality fabrics, made in EU, antibacterial and washable up to 60 ° C . Many details like the headphone cable fixing and well planned placement of the seams make the package complete.