Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions if you gave any Questions. If you don’t find an answer to your question, please send us a message.

SHEELD is a dynamic, Austrian company which has been founded by the beginning of 2012. The idea behind SHEELD is bringing more fairness and nationality in combination with well fitting, good looking and intelligent designs into sports. For that reasons, the passionate athlete with many years of experience, Stefan Krajczar, decided to establish this brand and produce fair and sustainable functional sportswear.
Currently you can exclusively buy or products on this website. Business customers, Clubs and unions are welcome to send us an Email at
We offer this payment methods:
- PayPal Express (The quickest way, without login or any efforts from your side. We receive all shipping details via PayPal.)
- Credit Card via PayPal (for non-PayPal users as well)
- Bank transfer
We appreciate direct contact to our customers. We are proud to communicate with every customer directly and are happy for ideas, informations and requests. Obviously we are also always willing to help if there is query from your side.
No. SHEELD does not have a factory outlet or direct sales at the company’s address.
Yes, we do, as long as there is an inaccuracy from our side. If the product is defective or we sent the wrong size, we will refund the shipping costs.
SHEELD gift coupons do not have an expiration date.
You can contact us at any time at
You can send us an email at or have a look on our jobs page.
At our sponsoring activities, we concentrate exclusively on partnerships in sports and fitness-areas. Activities in other extents cannot be support by SHEELD.

Please send your completed sponsoring requests at

- Sponsoring requests must include the following information:

- Who or what should be sponsored?

- Which previous activates are you related with?

- What successes and media presences have been achieved so far?

- Why should we just sponsor you or your project?

- What do you expect from SHEELD?

- What are your goals or the goals of your project?

- Who are your current sponsors?

Please keep in mind that we are receiving a lot of interesting sponsoring requests. We can only work with a few partners.
If you don’t find a satisfying answer here, please contact us at

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