Fairness and sustainability

is more than just environmental care. We ask ourselves before choosing each material, who we are going to support by buying this product and if it complies to our ethical values. We only cooperate with European productions and dissociate from sweatshops and inhuman manufacturers in far-east as well as airfreights.

A lot of athletes do not accept the negative surrounding many clothing manufacturers are settled in. Waste of resources, toxic chemicals and inhuman working environments do not conform to sports in the 21st century. There is a clear trend, which we appreciate.

It is our goal to bring more fairness and sustainability into sports. Our sportswear fits our values with very attractive, perfectly fitting and intelligent designs.

Design and development of our outfits is made in Austria. The production of the used fabrics as well as the manufacturing of the final product are done by reliable business partners within the European Union. That allows us to get the best quality and fair terms for everyone.

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